iphone 6 transparent

I really don't like how the organization boxes have become opaque. It's annoying and obstructive. If Apple happens to see this, if it isn't too much trouble, could you please make them tra

iphone 6 transparent

My iphone 4s runs on ios 6.0.1, 16g version, and has 7g of free space. I just synced an infinity blade III version 1.0.2 from my itunes on pc to my iphone. The syncing took like (literally) only 1 sec

My control center the one where you put up to see it is no longer tansparent and it was cool to have and now it's suck gray and it's lame and I just want to fix it so I can have that feature

I want to know why my controll center isn't transparent??

My iphone is showing white thick lines running 0.5cm down the top of the screen and is transparent after replacing the screen. Is this normal?

I updated my iphone 4 to IOS 7 and I have noticed that my friends password or lock screen is partially transparent but mine is not. Is there a way to fix this or change it?

My passcode screen become transparent when I updated my iphone but one day it became grey and now no matter what background I put on my lock screen the passcode screen stays grey. Any suggestions on h

Few suggestions. New app look....looks generic. Maybe make transparent. Also...the green and blew makes it hard to see for people who have a hard time seeing. Green is too bright. Should have black le

A weird rectangular, transparent, shield has appeared "above" any key selected from lock code to apps that blocks any tapping on any keys or keypad.If I tap hard and fast, it might catch but then ente

hi guys i have a iphone 4s running ios6. the last couple of days when i touch the screen in any way a white transparent circle appears under the point of touch on the screen. it is not assistive touch

Hi guys, for some reason when I go to purchase something off the App Store when my keyboard pops up its transparent blue which I know us not right as all the keys are slightly transparent as well! Jus

A small, hazy and transparent dot appears on the screen when my 4s camera is in use.  I know it's not on the lens because I've wiped it clean.  The dot moves when the camera moves.&#

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