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I have an apple ID but it still won't let me download apps, it keeps saying can't download at this time

iso7 apple

I became a first time iphone user a little over a year ago through Verizon.  I have an iphone 4.  About 3 weeks ago (50 days after my one year warranty ran out, the home button on my phone b

I am not leaving more in USA, but I will come back for only 3 days in June. Is it possible fix or change my iphone ( broken LCD) in this short time? Is it necessary schedule fix?

Must ur apple ID be an email rather than one word or name?

My apple IPhone 4s  theMirror switch is missing but Airplay is.Can play  music & Youtube with pictures , but can not mirror phone.Both apple TV an IPhone on same network, Network on

Comcast claims that are not blocking ports.  Technically from what I understand they are not.  They just don't recongnize the iCloud server address on their DNS.  An apple Genius ga

every since I got my Iphone 5s have not been able to contect to apple store or update any apps that are on my phone.  I think it had to do with recent IOS update because my Ipad is having the sam

My iPhone 5 randomly turned off last night and I was unable to turn it on. I then plugged it into a charger and the apple logo appeared and then went again. This flashing has been happening continuous

i have just sold my iphone 4 i Erase All Content and Settings does that mean everything would have been removed?? but forgot to delete my apple id how could i do that now??

Went to reset phone but it had crashed and now will not turn off or reset. Black screen with an apple and bar! Help, :(

I have puschased an iphone 5s from US and recently my phone did not turn on after the ssl update. I have visited apple Istanbul store and did not get any support! I am very old apple user and really b

1. I don't remember the answers to my security questions 2. I can't reset the questions beacause I don't know my rescue mail 3. Also my acc has been kind of locked.

I had to reset my iphone 4, it is asking me for my old apple ID, which is inactive. I cannot get into the email to reset it. It is not accepting my birthdate as the right one. i cant use my phone at a

I have an IPhone 5. The battery is dead and won't charge. I can't restore it because the battery is dead. The warranty ended in January. Now what?

Where can I find the date of activation of My Account apple ID ?

PLease any help solving this issue is appreciated. Since apple is doing nothing about this

My iPhone has been playing up and eventually stopped working for unseen circumstances, i went to the apple store and said it was water damaged (i have no idea how as it hadnt touched water) but they r

i want to buy games.. but when i do it asks me question so they can varify me but i forgot theanwsers to the question and the email that they send the anwsers to doesnt exist anymore i forgot the pass

I plug in my iphone 5 to the charger cube and all my phone does is turn on with the apple logo. Then the apple logo turns blue and shuts off. I then repeats this cycle as a loop. I have tried the reco

Confirm apple have a contract with www.sing-bang.com to sell cheap iPhone

Hi, i tried to registrate my new iphone 5c, but everytime i put in the serial number in my support profile it tells me that the iphone is already registrated with another apple id.....When i star

My iphone 5s logic board got damaged, can apple one year warranty fix it ?

Recently I changed my apple id AND password, now when I try to download free apps (and I tried with multiple apps) it says I need to update my payment method. On iTunes for windows my payment method i

Why does apple not make the iPhone and iPad waterproof?

i need help with my phone the back is craked my screen wont respond and it doesnt connect to internet any more (wifi greyed out) i was wondering will apple fix it.???????

I got my iphone 5c a week ago and i already cracked my screen ...how much would it cost for my local apple store to repair it? and my phone has a in service warranty.

Please help me ! How can i get new apple id for my phone without using any of the billing payment. I need answers please

My Earthlink email accounts have been hacked twice in the last week - accounts that we run on two iPhones.  Senior Technical at Earthlink advise apple have admitted to a problem similar to "Heart

Hello, i have iPhone 5 sim-free. It has little bit scratches on the back. If I want to upgrade my current model to newer what should i do except buying it. If i break my iPhone will apple replace it w

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