how to log out on game center ios7

log game center ios7

I purchased a game on the 14th and I need my money back for it because it doesn't work

I was wondering  if I can get my 6.99 from the game grand theft auto San Andreas because it doesn't work

I made an in App purchase in the Cityville game app, was charged and DID NOT GET WHAT I PURCHASED!  How do I get my purchase or a refund?

ITT: game keeps closingI recently bought something in a game called Elements: Epic Heroes (on a different apple ID than i usually use) and not too long afterward everytime i opened the app it would lo

Hi everyone I have a problem with syncing a game called Clash of Clans to game center. My brother was playing a clash of clans game on my iPhone and got considerably far, but I was signed in

I bought my phone off my mum, but the game center keeps changing my detail and keeps logging back into my mums account but everything else stays in my nàme can anyone tell me how to stop this hap

I have an iphone 4s with ios7. Does it work with 4g? If not what i can do to upgrade it?

Hello I've got a problem when I'm playing game My iphone 5s 32g(spacegrey) becoming very very hot specially for gameloft games but for another tasks no problem and also no problem with my batt

Yesterday we where in a tornado watch and warning. I have a ipone 4s and my daughter has a ipone 5s. She asked if I got a notification about the tornado warning and I said no I didn't recieve any

I recently just posted my first iphone game on the app store and I wanted to know the average downloads per day i should be exspecting , and how i can increase my downloads per day .

Hello my iphone 5 screen glass crack how much price if i wanna repair at apple service center in Malaysia.

There is no option for current location weather In my iOS 7 weather app

It ask me to contact help me do it asap. thank youEmail for me,

Since the latest updates to iOS, I'm hearding more issues reported to my company where iPhone users are not able to be routed correctly in our IVR. From the PBX, I'm seeing such as the followi

For some reason, I'm unable to access the control center (calculator, flashlight, etc) from the locked screen. The option to enable this is greyed out in the Settings app. I am able to enable/disa

Please help me transfer purchased apps from my current ios6 to new ios7 program.

Dear support   MY iphone 3g apple id    but can not download any software ane game  application pls help me  me only debedit card available&#

I would like to be able to change the settings so that I can open my control center or command center using Siri also I need to just asked Siri to open my flashlight without pressing open the flashlig

I want to downgrade iOS 7.1.1 to 6.1.2 on iPhone 4 (A1332B). How do I do that? Can this be done in official service center? Why I can't do it through iTunes?

Hi. This is the first time since I knew apple devices..I own - iPhone 4 with iOS 5.1          - iPhone 4 with iOS 7.0.4      

I recently updated to ios7 and am having an issue with syncing my bookmarks between Safari on my Macbook Air and on my iPhone.  I was under the impression that the "Bookmarks Menu" folder in the

So my auntie's package arrived with her iphone4s then I used it for a while the version of it was 6. something then I updated it to ios7.1.1 then it wont charge anymore im stuck with 4%-5%. It cha

How do you get a refund if u bought a game from itunes apps it dnt work on you software?

Hi  I am from India and I have iphone 5s .My cellular carrier is vodafone India. My phone's personal hotspot is not working. It wasnt working since i updated latest ios7.1.1 version. I e

why cant i sign in to game center?

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