Question : Lost photos after 'restore from backup' iPhone 4s

2012-05-02 09:11:02



If anybody can help with my specific situation then I would be endlessly thankful!


For reasons which are now irrelevant, I had lost some photos through attempting to sync with iTunes. (I clicked off the process before it had completed-hence why I only lost a few)

In order to get these back, I tried a 'restore from backup'- unbeknownst to me, this back up was from a few months ago.

I have now lost 300+ photos (among other, less important things). I am on Windows 7 and have found the backup files in windows explorer as suggested in numerous forums but have no idea what to do with them now...

I understand that these photos may simply be lost. But at the moment I'm refusing to believe that they have been deleted from the face of the earth as NOWHERE along the line did I press 'delete' or any other such commands.


Thanks very much in advance. Lost photos after 'restore from backup' iPhone 4s

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Answers : Lost photos after 'restore from backup' iPhone 4s

2012-05-02 09:11:02

It's worth checking to see if iTunes created a backup at some point prior to losing your photos. iPhone Backup Extractor lets you access all saved backups in your computer and retrieve data within those backups. Hope you get your photos back. Here's a helpful article on how to recover lost photos.

2012-05-02 09:11:02

Syncing does not cause pictures taken with the device to disappear, never has.

If the pictures were simply synced via iTunes to the device, then they are still on the computer and simply need to be synced back to the device.


As alexandra suggested, the pictures may be included in a previous backup, either restore from a previous backup or try using the solution alexandra offered.

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