Question : My phone won't allow me to hear someone talking when they call or I call. iPhone 4

2012-06-17 23:56:51

When people call me, I can answer, but I cannot hear them nor can they hear me. The same goes if I am to call someone. The funny thing is, is that someone can leave me a voice message, and I can listen to their voice message. I tried to restore my phone, but it did not work. Any ideas?

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Answers : My phone won't allow me to hear someone talking when they call or I call. iPhone 4

2011-10-30 02:11:05

I'm having the same exact issue, just started yesterday, and progressively gotten worse. Other apps work, but callers cannot hear me or I can't hear them. Very frustrating!

2011-10-30 02:11:05

Same thing here for me.  It started Sunday.  I can't hear when someone calls me or I call them.  I also am unable to hear my voice messages.  If I put the caller on speaker I can hear them on the call but there is no way to put voice mail on speaker that I can find.  I did an update and a restore.  Problem still exists.  Any other suggestions? 

2011-10-30 02:11:05

I can only hear people on the phone using the speaker, it is not a problem with the cover I checked with and without cover and the problem remains. Any solutions apart from taking the phone back?

2011-10-30 02:11:05

I have the same issue--can only hear people when using speaker phone. Started yesterday. Anyone figure this out?

2011-10-30 02:11:05

Don't know why but my phone seems to be back to hearing the person again.I have also just downloaded the latest update so do not know if that resolved the situation but feel it could come and go again

2011-10-30 02:11:05

I ended up going to Apple, and they said it was a software issue and swapped my phone for a new one!

2011-10-30 02:11:05

I am having a similar problem, but intermittent.  Sometimes the calls all work, yet while talking for a minute or so, sometimes they suddenly can't hear me (no, its not the mute button - its in correct position).  Strange thing is that they can still hear the tones from the key pad if I press them.


Probably 3 calls out of 5, it is either I can't hear them or they can't hear me.


I think this is an AT&T profile / configuration problem and is not a iPhone problem.  Does anyone have this problem on Verison or Sprint?  


I tried with/without siri on. It started when I added the new iPhone 4s to my ATT family account, and it affects my other iPhones on that account, including a iPhone3.   Apple worked with me to solve the problem, and I have tried 3 new phones - all  have the same intermittent problem.  Sometimes in my calls they can hear me but me not them; or,  I hear them but they don't hear me.   Does not matter if I am calling or answering.


I called ATT and they agreed that it was probably not a phone problem but a "profile" problem.  It took 45 minutes for them to confirm this and escalate to 2 level support...  Now they tell me it will be another 5 days before they can fix the problem....    Time to switch!?!

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