my phone doesnt get amber alerts

hello, my name is Ksenia matukhnov.I live in israel. in  29 of january  I bought  2 iPhone from youor week after the extend to using stopped working. phone turned on and stop

phone doesnt amber alerts

Hi my iphone 5 screen is very damaged.  It is badly cracked. I want to access the contacts on the phone that for whatever reason aren't backed up on icloud.  when plugging the phone

my iphone5s friend bought for my birthday gift and I drop it and phone never turn on again I can read imdi number from the back but how can i find out which shop or carrier cover this iPhone for swap

i try to restore my iphone 5 but itunes keeps giving me an error message saying that the connection was reset and to try again later. can someone please help me i've locked myself out of my phone

My phone asks to update iOS 7.1.1 I went out and updated as requested and suddenly my phone off and is asking to connect to itunes what do I do? connected with itunes but there asks for nothing

Does anyone have a black apple when they turn there phone off and on?

I am having trouble trying to restore my ihpone. I cannot get it to restore in itunes, error 21. When my phone is on it always searches for a signal but never finds one. It only turns on when plugged

I previously had the nike running app on my previous iphone. I have tried to download it again to my iphone 5 but it only has the option to open it via the App Store. It's definitely not downloade

i walked out of school and i was trying to get on my phone but it would not cut on.It was just a black screen.So when i got home and put it on the charger it keep vibrating but still a black screen. I

Just updated my Macbook Air, my wifes Macbook Air, my iPad Mini gen 2 without any problems. I started a down load and update for my wife's iPhone 5s and it is hung at a white screen with the black

please help! i dont want to erase my whole phone!!!!!

My Itunes does not recognize my IPHONE 5s. I'm trying to back it up..... What could be the problem?

Why won't my phone reboot and apple icon keeps blinking?

I didn't know what category this would fall in to but my iPhone 4 is stuck on an enlarged screen and will not go back to normal. I've tried clicking it with 3 fingers and it will not work. Als

I bought my phone used already but there was nothing wrong with it when i activated it. Ever since i did that last IOS update it keeps gliching and it goes all crazy at time and i have to lock the scr

You can identify and track what is using the cellular data by going to Settings > Cellular and look at the list of apps in the section titled "Use Cellular Data For." Apps that have used data since

I'm wondering why the Apple ID I have under my settings than itunes and app store doesn't match the AppleID that popups when I go to install an app, it's very close, but it an email I don&

My iphone 4s got water in the headphone poert. I put my phone in rice for 24 hours and the LED is on. It stays on even when the phone is off. How can i fix it without taking it to apple and spendding

There appears to be a tiny crack and I'm thinking thats what it could be. Please help!!

Can I switch out my current phone with another color? I have black and I would prefer the silver. My parents got it for as a surprise so I didn't speak up and tell them I didn't like the color

My phone been dead for 6 days now , I tried charging it yesterday and today but the phone will not power on. I have an Iphone 5s how long does t take to power on ?

Hello, My iphone screen is completely shattered and it is displaying distorted picture ie its not just glass that is broken. As a result I cannot unlock my phone but I want to back up phone - or

How do i restore my phone t operate i changed ;my passcode and forgot the new one

I need help! Even some of my old apps disappeared and ive tried restarting it, ive litterally done EVERYTHING except reset it because im away from my computer for the next few hours and i don't wa

My phone says I dont have a sim card installed. but I've had the phonefor over a year

iphone 5 frozen on home screen, wont let me swipe.  tried home and sleep/wake botton to no avail still locked.  went to restore using itunes but dont want to loose photos on phone.  can

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