iPhone safari will not open

safari open

I lost safari ! How can I get it back?

i have problem i connected the iphone 4s to the itunes and then i resrored it and i mad a new software but when the software finished dowloading the iphone still disabled

The battery was practically full and when i connect it to a charger it keeps beeping. When connected to a computer, it opens in itunes. I tried holding down the lock botton and home botton but it doe

I was visiting Tom's hardware site and some of these floating banner ads in mobile safari has no close buttons on them or they appear momentarily then disappears. How do I block these from popping

My iPhone camera shutter will not open. Occasionally, the reverse camera shutter will open, but when I hit the button to reverse it back it just blurs out the picture--I don't think it ever switch

I dont get Whats app messages instantly .I first have to open the app ,then it connects, and then i get my message .Is there a way to get it instantly?They same goes for BBM

Today my back facing camera stopped working. When I open the app the screen stays black and the shutter doesn't open. The front facing camera is working though. I've tried resetting the phone

Hello, I recntly got a Black iPhone 5s 16gb and it was working fine. Then sudenly the camera app started crashing after i took photos. Soon later the camera app wont open at all and if i try opening f

Purchased an iPhone 5s yesterday at Best Buy to replace my iPhone 4s and extending my Sprint contract. Realized last night that I don't have safari on this phone. Any ideas why?

I have problems with my iPhone 4S. When I open my iPhone on, I can see the apple logo. When I arrive at the slide menu, the screen is all black, what can I do?

How to open the iPhone 5S Unlocked

I downloaded nds4ios and some rom files, but they don't work, and I want to delete them from my iPhone. Is there a way for me to delete them?

I cannot open the messages app. I have reset the iphone, I have tried texting myself from different numbers and have done a complete reset. The app starts to load and then just shuts down. Is there an

I've tried the time trick where you change the date to a year ahead, and it didn't work. I've also tried updating my iphone to the latest update. Also, I've synced my iphone. Nothing w

I would like to be able to change the settings so that I can open my control center or command center using Siri also I need to just asked Siri to open my flashlight without pressing open the flashlig

I just updated my Facebook app to the newest version (10.something) and as soon as it finished downloading- the icon removed itself from my home screen and now the app won't open.  It's s

I recently updated to iOS7 and am having an issue with syncing my bookmarks between safari on my Macbook Air and on my iPhone.  I was under the impression that the "Bookmarks Menu" folder in the

I can't open the back to put my SIM card in .I have the screws out but it won't budge. Can someone help, please. Denis

When I open my Iphone 5s the touch doesn't work. Only when I shut it down and reopen it the touch works. I tried everything including going to Apple franchisee and restore the phone without succes

How do I retrieve my cleared safari history on iphone? I accidentally clicked clear cookies and data as well, so everything is basically gone and there are very important stuff that I NEED to recover.

I own i phone 5s closed (locked) does not work on the Egyptian telecom i want open my phone ?what can i do ?

i can not open

I have to struggle with it, completely close safari, reopen it and try to catch the "x" as it reopens the pinterest window in order to "cancel" or stop it and close the window. I have the pinterest ap

hello, i have an iphone 5 and it has not been charging for several months already ...i was using my phone when i noticed that it only has 5 percent of battery but i did not charge it right away until

when i updated my  i phone 4s to ios 6.1.3  the device canot be opened and when i connect to i tunes it is nt working also  >> how can i open my phone??

I have an important app that stores critital information that was transfered to my new apple 5c but I am unable to open the app from my new phone I can still access it from both my old iphone and

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