iPhone safari will not open

My apple 4 phone is freeze and cannot unlock to update. What should I do?

safari open

i lost my apple id  for iphone5      imei013419000451689       iccid89966327121103758641

I cannot find my safari Application on my iPhone 5c. How can I get it back?

i cannot open the screen,a blue selection box is appearing when i touch the screen,say me how to open the lock screen

Last 2 days when double tapping my home button to bring up all my open apps the screen is rotated as if it's on it's side. When I open one of them back up the centre image of the app is displa

My iphone5 keeps asking me for my apple id password, it pops up randomly but also everytime i open the slotomania app, how do i stop this?

I have a iPhone 5s that seemed to be locked by the carrier. Can there be anything done to get it unlocked.

My new iPhone 5S has my work email on it and when I send a message and then get a response I cannot open the response which many (most) times has a blue dot in front of it..........other emails with b

i can't restore my iphone 5, and i can't open it already why?

When safari launches a Doodle.com web scheduling window an error message appears stating the need to check privacy settings even though they are fully relaxed. Clicking on the error message opens an a

I have iphone 5s andI have a problem in the cameraWhen i open the camera It's automatically shuts (( Close or shut down )) and i have been recording this casePlace help me if you can https://

the phone restarts everytime i slide down the notification center

my Settings Tab , phone tab, safari are no longer there while i was updating my system and i cant restore it with iTunes because it is telling my to switch off icloud from my iPhone and i cant do that

Wish to all....... I already created a apple id but i dint able to uerif i go to use it showe like" your appleid not yet been used  in itune store" .please assist me how i can resolve this p

I recently read somewhere about receiving notification through safari web browser on a Mac. Is it possible for the iPhone to do the same?

I've been having this issue for a few days and I don't know wether or not I should just get a new phone or if i can fix it

My Iphone doesn't want to work because its disabled by making the passowrd wrong to many times. It tells me to connect it to Itunes. I did I connected it to Itunes but it tells me that please resp

Why is safari defaulting back to the last web page visited? How can I stop this?

if you still can't find it using roaminggnome suggestions, you can reset your home screen layout. settings - general - reset - reset home screen layout,

Hi, Since updating my iOS to 7.1, the keyboard doesn't open in the phone book. So, I can't add a name to any new contacts, or edit existing ones. It's really annoying because now i ju

The fingerprint scanner is working a bit too well. I have only set the touch ID to one finger, but I can open my the phone with both my thumbs and a friend of mine can open my phone by scanning six of

my phone have problem when i open any program are application after few

I can not install adobe flash player saying that I have to quit safari, but nothing has opened.

I was downloading the walking dead app on my iphone and after it was done it started saying waiting. I can't delete it but if I go into the App Store I can open it through there. Can someone pleas

On my iPhone 4S, the "Clear" command in safari is gray and will not work. I just updated to the most recent version of iOS yesterday. Any thoughts?

My iphone is disabled and it doesn't open when i press the wake button.What I have to do?

Please help me, I upgrade my Iphone 4 , After that I can't open my ph and can't connect the itune. What should I do?

accidently deleted an app Store app.  how can I get the icon back on my home screen?  in the app store it comes up 'open' instead of install.

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