iPhone can I uninstall ios 6.1.3

I want to permanently uninstall an application from my iphone. I have already deleted it by holding down til it wiggles and clicking on the x. But I want to permanently uninstall it (it is a dating ap

uninstall ios 6.1.3

how do I uninstall an app on my iphone 5s

Please help... I want to uninstall the ios 7.1

every now and then my phone's apps will not work and the phone will either restart itself or freezes. Sometimes I am able to give it a minute then go back into the app. Since last night, I was hav

Hi after Clicking the iOS updates with my iPhone5 it was then my FACEBOOK account gone wrong and it wouldn't show any pictures when I start using it. I've done uninstall and install and reboot

I hold down the application button until they wiggle but an X never appears to allow me to select the apps that I want to delete.  How do I fix this? 

How do I uninstall an app

How to you uninstall an upgrade, my phone freezes now, looks horrible and I hate the display and colours I want to restore how it was?

i have an iphone 4s and have recently downloaded the new iOS7 and am very unhappy with it ..i would like to know how to uninstall the iOS7 and return to my previous iOS? how do i do this?

may i know how to uninstall the IOS7 from my iphone 4s? I wish to get back the IOS 6

how do i uninstall ios 7.0.3, i want my previous ios 6.1.3. Please help

How do I uninstall IOS7 from an Iphone 4S?
I want my version ios6 back.

Once I updated my software on my iPhone I phone went back to the old carrier prior to having my phone flashed. Now I can't make or accept any calls??? I would like to remove it, how?

I hate this new update for my iPhone 4S it's the ios7-0-2. My phone freezes up all the time now! It will not let me open iTunes or the apple store app. I want it off my phone! I want my phone back

How do you uninstall and reinstall IOS7?

Ever since I updated my 4S to IOS 7.0.2 my phone suddenly is off.  My music just randomly stops playing.  My what'sapp and text messages will suddenly show the text box but no send butto

After less than a week of having IOS 7 on my iphone 4S, it will not slide to unlock. Super unhappy right now, especially because I purposefully chose not update to IOS 7.  My 14 year old son upda

How do I uninstall the latest update? Phone is slower and connection is reduced in conversation and text. And the "white" page notes is unimaginative!

Pet Rescue Saga won't open at all.USAA Banking will open but never goes past the main screen to login.Sending photo messages doesn't work the same or at all depending on who it's going to.

I have epilepsy and the new iOS 7 gives me terrible headaches. Did Apple not consider People with epilepsy and what the new layout would do to them. It's almost like a Small strobe when opening ap

how do I get iso7 off my phone. Thanks

My biggest problem with the new download is that a lot of the symbols are very faint and washed out. The old system was crisp and clear and much easier to find what you were looking for. I wished I ha

Most of my previous iMessage contacts will only work as SMS.

i installed iOS7 and it turned off my imessaging and will not let me reactivate it. I'm now not recieving any texts at all. I really just want to get rid of it.

How do I uninstall ios8 on my iPhone?

how do i uninstall ios 7 in a 4s i phone?

I really don't like the new update. I don't like the look or the mechanics. I really want to get rid of it. Anyone know anything?

How to uninstall app? How to adjust hearing volume up on a call?

Since I upgraded to the lastest OS when I am playing my audible books, when the autolock engages, I can no longer here my book. If I take the autolock complete off then I have no problems with it. Tha

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