I updated to iOS 7 and now I in the texting myself every time I m trying to text my wife

Anyway to recover deleted text messages?Anyway to recover deleted photos?

updated iOS 7 texting time text wife

Cellular network is more and more time leave which step I take for increase network in iphone5s?

I updated My iPhone 5s To iOS 7.1 and the touch id stopped working. it works when i have connected it to the charger or to a pc. Please Help Me on this..  

Is there any one know that why my iPhone will shutdown when I working with it?

Is it possible to convert a voice memo from my iphone into a text file/word document? I want to interview someone and am lazy so dont want to have to type it up afterwards. Is this possible?

i by accidently delted a convcersation on text message and now i need that text back and my phone has never been backed up and i really need that convo back it has important information that has creat

I played Indestructible since I bought iphone 4s, then I bought iphone 5 and now I have 5s. I continue to play this game on all devices by my own account and scores are not updated and latest score ea

um i have lock my iphone i want to unlock it with out losing any memory such as photos text messages contacts apps and more

Can someone explain why ringtones dont work for texts on iphones when they work on every other phone i have owned?

Hi i have an iphone 4s and it won't ring half of the time and it rang yeserday and yes I have the volume up and the ringer onit does not even vibrate ,it does into missed callhow do I fix this?I a

I need to retrieve a text conversation from 2 months ago but it's gone. Other older conversations are still there. I refresh the cloud often

What will i do my phone seems hang up after i updated last night? an image of charger pointing to musical notes -itunes appeared on screen, i cannot use it now.

I have a group chat that is 2 and half years old and I have never deleted any texts from.  How would I be able to go to the first message sent without clicking load earlier message. I did that fo

Voice control starts by it self all the time. I have turnd of voice dialin but nothing happened. 

the phone restarts everytime i slide down the notification center

i updated my Iphone4  to 7.1 can't use hotspot  will it be fixed in the next update???

I'm stuck on activation screen because my phone won't accept my password for my apple i.d. I reformat and reset and updated everything but it still wont go through..please help

If that iPhone was orignally sold in the US, Out of Warranty replacement cost will be Phone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G, Original iPhone$149 Replacement will be an iPhone of the same color and

Therigner on my iphone 4 is not working for text messaging?  Any suggestions??

Why does test tone keep playing after opening text?

Do I need to wait til my iPhone dies to charge for first time?  If so, how long do I charge for?

Sorry for the long intro question.  I just bought a new iPhone 5S for me and a new 5C for my wife.We want to give our kids my old 4S and my wife's old 4.  We backed up our old phones and

I don't mind using iCloud or Dropbox for most of my files, but there is one file I won't use them for.  My manually created username and passwords document. This used to be accomplis

My Iphone 4s cannot connect to my wifi at home. This is the first time it happened after I reset the network settings earlier. It works fine for more than a year now. I've tried turning it on and

I just got the 5s, every time in try to update my apps it's asking for a second password to an Apple ID that is not mine-- it asks for mine and then another one pops up after I enter mine .what do

Now that I updated my 4s I can't use the App Store it what's to charge me for all the apps I tunes wants to charge me for stuff I allready bout

hi, there is something weird with my iphone 5s.there is a text overlap other on screen. text in blue translated is " show all your apps"

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