I updated to iOS 7 and now I in the texting myself every time I m trying to text my wife

I updated my iphone 4 with ios 7.1.1 and after completing I lost my cellular connection.  Attempted to find a fix for it on the Apple website, but the website is as usless as a screen door on a s

I updated my iPhone 5 software to 7.1.1 this morning and since then my home button sticks. I had the button replaced and for a short period resolved the problem but it is now sticking and being non-re

if  i will first activate it in india was then i will get warranty of india phone purchased from australia?

Phone 5S won't download apps.  My husband and I both got the 5s tonight and neither will download apps. Just says cannot download at this time.  Ans Siri won't work.  We are con

Hey can I get the range of smile icons to work in text messages

I have to do 200 hours of community service, is there an iphone app that can deduct the hours i have left (say i do 8 hours in one day, 6 the next), is there an app that will keep track of that for me

The hard reset wipes off the data though, right? Is there anything else I could possibly do before I resort to that?

For 3 days my face time has not been working. I tried looging out of face time and logging back in did not work. I also can not use it on my ipad. I face time with my daughter. She has iphone 4.

I upraded to ios7 on my iphone 4s, now I can't find one of my applications on the screen.  I can see it in settings, and I can see it as "open" in my app store, but I have looked through ever

My brother and I share an iTunes account and his text messages show up on MY macbook. His texts don't show up on my phone though. how can i delete his number off my iMessage on my laptop?

I need to get a text back that i deleted previously that contained a picture I sent. Is this possible and how so. I've read where you can restore but i haven't done a restore after I sent the

I have an Apple ID but it still won't let me download apps, it keeps saying can't download at this time

Help i have an iphone 5s and whenever i dowload an app or update, the symbol turns to install then the circle loading, then all of a sudden it goes back to the price symbol. I am having a tough time c

My iMessage is only working with some iPhones. Others are text messages on my phone and appear as message on my friends phone. I've tried resetting the network but that didn't work. suggestion

The time on my iPhone 5c is messed up. If you manually change the time or use the automatic update it sets the right time on the phone. However as time passes the time on the phone becomes more and mo

Anyway to recover deleted text messages?Anyway to recover deleted photos?

Cellular network is more and more time leave which step I take for increase network in iphone5s?

I updated My iPhone 5s To iOS 7.1 and the touch id stopped working. it works when i have connected it to the charger or to a pc. Please Help Me on this..  

Is there any one know that why my iPhone will shutdown when I working with it?

Is it possible to convert a voice memo from my iphone into a text file/word document? I want to interview someone and am lazy so dont want to have to type it up afterwards. Is this possible?

i by accidently delted a convcersation on text message and now i need that text back and my phone has never been backed up and i really need that convo back it has important information that has creat

I played Indestructible since I bought iphone 4s, then I bought iphone 5 and now I have 5s. I continue to play this game on all devices by my own account and scores are not updated and latest score ea

um i have lock my iphone i want to unlock it with out losing any memory such as photos text messages contacts apps and more

Can someone explain why ringtones dont work for texts on iphones when they work on every other phone i have owned?

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