upgrading to ios 7 can t get past rescue email

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depois de redefir o meu iphone o aparelho liga pede email mais dis que senha ou id apple nao estao correto

upgrading ios 7 rescue email

Hello all, I've recently discovered some issues with my iPhone 5. The device thinks that headphones are plugged in, which they aren't. I would like to take my iPhone to my local Apple sto

I forgot my security answers and i follow the instruction i put my email but the password was wrong! And i try to write the password again but you tell that the email was sent! I check my email i cant

I locked my iphone 5s and restored it but it won't fully restore until I enter my email but when I enter my email it says "taylor......@gmail.com cannot be used to unlock this iphone"...What would

i can no longer email pictures from my phone to myself or anyone but can text them. also i can't download updates or new apps. it will ask for my password but when i put it in, it doesn't acce

4s wont boot up past apple logo and also wont restore on iTunes, showing unknown error (21)

I downloaded the 'Google Now' App and now whenever I try to phone someone in my contacts list a new email opens with a 'To' of their phone number. I have deleted the App but the p

Can anyone help with this I changed my email and the App Store still wants my old on

I updated my email on my phone today and now I need to do that for the iTunes store so I can update my apps.  Does anyone know how to do that?

It has restarted 6 times in the past 5 minutes. I am trying to back it up to my computer, but right before the back up is complete my phone powers down. I have had my iphone5 for about a year and a ha

How can i check the pastvservice or repair records of an iphone

I recently changed my apple id, as i forgot my old log in, i've updated it everywhere on my iPhone, but when i go to try and download and update apps its still using my old email for my old ID and

So, I recently had my phone fall into water. I took it to a shop, and got it fixed. I t was working perfectly fine up until last night, when it died. I went to plug it in, and the apple logo popped up

I forgot my security answers for my apple ID ,and I can't purchase any application ,, i can't remember my alternate email address too ; what should i do ?? <Edited by Host>

Forgot my security answer and recovery emaill..got 10usd inside..

Hi all,My iphone 4 started acting strange after upgrading from ios7 to ios7.1.1The problem is that the touch screen is not responding on the right side after upgrading from 7 to 7.1.1I can't use t

I forgot my scurity questions and I went to the apple page to Change them and they said they have sent me a email but they never did please help

I forgot the answers to my security questions, how should i reset them because I am not getting the email to reset them?

what if the past owner of my iPhone 5s is not there and i cant contact him can i still activate the iPhone?

A black blot on the bottom most left corner of the screen of about 1.5 cm wide longitudinally and dim horizontal lines across the screen which has prevailed past four days, any display hardware probs.

My I phone 5 has crashed won't load past apple screen and has a list of NAND scripts can anyone help or had this happen

I got an email from Apple saying a app was downloaded under my account on a device not registered to me!  Help!  I changed my password...anything else I can do?

restored my phone 4 and now cannot get past the icloud login. When i log into icloud it says my icloud account is registered to my phone number but when typing the icloud username and password in it s

Does anyone know the apples' company email if there is one. If not then does anyone know how to view a bill on the apple website or even on the apple product they are using. I just want to see wha

I recently changed my email on my apple id and in ICould but every time I try to download an app my I'm email apple id pops up. I no longer have this email account and do not remember the password

This has been happening all over the place, including with networks I use regularly. This is affecting my data allowances in big ways and making many operations in my iPhone 4s very tricky, including

my apple id was attacked by haker , he changed my email and blocked my phone! help me!!

iPhone 5 Camera not focusing past 30cm. Is not a software fault, defiantly hardware. Can it be replaced / repaired or will I have to replace the entire phone?  Have been to see the guys in store

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