Question : viber app on iphone 4s

2012-05-21 06:17:04



I have a question on the Viber App. I downloaded the 'Viber' app for the first time on my iphone 4s. It asked me if it can allow PUSH notifications and I selected "Don't allow" (instead of 'allow'). Then it went to the next screen 'welcome to viber' and had a CONTINUE button at the end. Here's the problem - An alert pops up when I hit continue "Notifications are OFF, you should enable push notifications. Press "settings" to enable and then press retry". But when I hit the 'Settings' button, it goes back to the 'welcome to viber' page (instead of settings) and I'm stuck.

I tried restarting the phone, deleting and reinstalling the app several times. But I'm still stuck at the same point. Can anyone suggest what I should do now?

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Answers : viber app on iphone 4s

2012-05-21 06:17:04

You'll have to contact the manufacturer of that application as Apple didn't produce it! It should have manufacturer contact info form the page you downloaded it! The reason for this is because there is no way for Apple to do tech support for the Billions of Apps out there, therefore the responcibility of support for them lays on who made it.

2012-05-21 06:17:04


This is a member of the Viber Development Team! viber app on iphone 4s


Push notification (for iPhone) allows Viber to notify you of any calls (incoming, missed, etc.) even when Viber is off or in the background. It will also notify you of friends that just joined Viber. When setting Viber up in your iPhone, and you get a message requesting push notifications, tap on ‘OK’ to enable the feature. This feature belongs to the Apple network and is not correctable, nor adjustable by us. We rely, as you do, completely on Apple for the accuracy and reliability of these notifications.


Please note that when Viber is off, it is fully dependent on iPhone’s push notification feature. Since Viber is an external iPhone application, we can only fully control Viber features, just like other external applications. Therefore, if your push notification feature is not functioning accurately (sometimes as a result of carrier-side settings), it will affect Viber’s incoming call. This can cause a delay in receiving incoming Viber calls or only show your missed calls.


For iPhone 3GS and 4 users, simply leave Viber open in the background to avoid this issue.


In case you disabled your push notification, please follow this link to enable it: tions-for-iphone---how-to-enable


Reboot your phone, and this should resolve the issue.


Note: We have noticed that locking your device may affect the reliability of push notifications.


If you have any question about Viber - please feel free to ask.


Thank you,


Viber Team.

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