no wifi after updating ios7

I dropped my iphone 4 yesterday....Now, the wifi button won't slide to on. Any suggestions?

wifi updating ios7

My 3G isnt working, whenever im not connected to my wifi i cannot send a txt or use internet, even thou i have all bars of reception and 3G symbol showing. not sure what opperating system im using as

after updating my I phone to io7 my phones battery power instantly halfed I have switched off all back ups etc etc and reset my entire phone but no difference any iseas

My iPhone 5s, which I have had for 6 months wont connect to my home wifi.. it just keeps saying loading.. someone please help!?

I would like to use the geofence feature to control my wifi state. This seems like a simple and natural application of that feature but I don't see any apps that provide that capability. Has anyon

Hello dear apple store as I have if I have burned wifi and gsm modules and need to activate iphone 5 a1498 , please tell me what I should do.  Thanks in advance.

iPhone 5c updated to latest version 7.1.1, wifi kicks on and off, App Store won't connect, won't let me sign in to iMessage or FaceTime. Can't download my apps, date and time will not set

I cannot connect my iPhone via hot spot but I can connect my s4 with no issues via hotspot. Pc connect to wifi no issues either. Do I need to add programs to Pc or iphone?

Regardless of what you suspect, if an app has an across the board problem, it is the vendor that will need to addess it, not Apple.

I plugged my iphone in my laptop to update it as it wasnt updating it just like that, but when i plugged it in i lost all my contacts and important information is their anyway i can get it back?? help

wifi disable

Can anybody help me with this problem? I have been trying to figure it out for 3 months and cant. I have an iPhone 4S and my iPhone won't connect to any wifi network for more than 2 minutes then i

I am trying to update my payment information with my apple ID and everytime I enter the new debit card information it keeps denying it! I don't know what to do but it's driving me crazy! I hav

The wifi stopped working on my phone and I need to backup my phone, but I can't use iCloud because I don't have wifi. Does anyone know how to backup my iphone without wifi? It doesn't have

I have an iphone 4s with ios7. Does it work with 4g? If not what i can do to upgrade it?

A broken screen I can deal with. But I have never heard of someone dropping their phone and all of a sudden it can not make calls or send texts.

I have an iPhone 5S, I charged it this morning and after that I noticed that it had two problems:1- It detects and connects to wi-fi but has no internet connection (it´s not a problem with the Wi

Hi My wifi is not working. Have ios 6.1 installed and installed 7.1. Dont want to revert back to 5.1 as some apps will not run. Tried the fix by putting it into the fridge and it works for a

I was updating new OS with itune to my Iphone 4S. it stuck in mid and showing itune and usb connect icon. after restart also, showing same icone. it is unable to connect with itune after multiple trie

Hello , my partners iPhone 4s has stopped working with wifi, if taken to a apple shop can they repair it ? How much would it cost ruffly ? It's out of warranty ATM , thankyou

phone was connected to Surface windows 8.1. Downloaded and removed some pictures. Surface was updating apple software and downloading icloud control. Was plugged in but not charging. Phone shutdown an

I have had my iPad ("The New IPad") since it came out a few years ago. I never had a problem with the far wifi range I have while I am in my living room. I also have an iPod touch which hasn't had

Does anyone else have the problem with not being able to connect to wifi and bluetooth?  These are grayed out and you can not turn them on.  I have reset the network, reset to factory settin

My Iphone 4s recently stopped connecting to wfi. I have no clue what could have caused it because I haven't done anything different with it from when i got it,except install apps i guess. I looked

I had deleted contacts from my iPhone because I wanted to hide them as they were Facebook contacts with no phone number and I couldn't find a way to only display phone contacts. I recently added s

I need to transfer songs which i have purchased from my iphone to another iphone. Is there any way to do this via airdrop or wifi .. without using the itunes.??

I am concerned that my internet allowance will be used up as it sends iMessages not texts to other iPhones, how do you change it and still get iMessages, and does it use up my 500mb internet??

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